VICTORIA WAREHOUSE, MANCHESTER Usually, Manchester’s Warehouse Project season finishes on the 1st of January, a bleak time of year that forces the city’s population back into normal sized clubs just to get their regular bass fix. Back they go in their sad masses to low-key venues like Joshua Brooks, The Roadhouse, Kraak Gallery and Antwerp Mansion. Further afield they travel for huge line ups and massive rooms. 2013 is different though. The Warehouse... Read More


– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – For those of you unfamiliar to the vast, maze-like cavern that is Manchester’s Warehouse Project circa 2012, it’s essentially 3 brutally undecorated rooms linked together by a series of equally bleak corridors. Throw in some monstrous sound systems, a mind blowing lighting rig and a few thousand (very) wide-eyed revelers and you’ve basically got the perfect venue for a Chemical Brothers homecoming... Read More

LIVE: WHP X RBMA – 09/11/2012

– THE WAREHOUSE  PROJECT, MANCHESTER –  My disappointment at The Warehouse Project’s relocation is short lived after just a few minutes in the new venue. The Store Street car park served it’s purpose well for a number of years, and it was just up the road from my flat… though the place did have some flaws. It’s a rather long trek in the rain down to a new permanent home – Trafford’s Victoria Warehouse. Imagine... Read More

LIVE: SBTRKT / FOUR TET / TNGHT – 06/10/2012

– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – This is the second weekend of Manchester’s pop-up club nights which span September to New Year’s Day. Having outgrown the cavernous car park under Piccadilly station, The Warehouse Project has now relocated to an actual warehouse in Trafford Park. Its growing popularity since its opening in 2006 is no surprise. The organisers have consistently lined up an impressive array of international vintage... Read More

LIVE: FOALS – 31/12/2011

– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – I enter the Warehouse Project’s Store Street venue a little late, and on my own and so have to somehow find my friends- this is no easy task in the refurbished car park, which looks as much like a done up archaeological dig as it does a music venue. The neon lights and futuristic sound equipment are a strange contrast against the dusty bricks and concrete walls. I call one of my friends – “We’re... Read More


– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – The car park under Piccadilly Station has showcased some incredible line-ups over the last few years. Friday night sees The Warehouse Project bring in some of the most innovative and forward thinking electronic artists in the world, headlined by Modeselecktor, with Squarepusher, Four tet, Skream, amongst others. Upon entering I am welcomed by Skream on stage, who is one of the biggest and influential... Read More


Thousands of revellers and hundreds of performers have all been captured in ‘5 Years in Photographs: The Warehouse Project Photography Book’. Sebastian Matthes has been The Warehouse Project’s official photographer since the 2006 launch event at Boddington’s Brewery and has taken photos at every series since. This new book presents a collection of some of Matthes’ favourite images from those five years, additionally recollections,... Read More


– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – With less than three weeks to go to Halloween, tonight’s event seems like a completely suitable way to start the gothic season, right down to the names of the headliners – The Horrors and The Kills, playing in an old air raid shelter in the dead of night. Spooky. My friend and I try our best to stick to the dark atmosphere by shooting zombies on her iPod on the train there. This is part of the... Read More


– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – First I must confess to being a Warehouse Project Virgin (WHPV). I do get a quick initiation from some lovely peeps from Telford on my approach to the underground car park venue. You came from where?! Yes my reaction too, but the WHP reputation is travelling far and wide, with the end of the year closure looming there’s only so many weekends left to pack in the partying. And what a party it is.... Read More

LIVE: DJ SHADOW – 17/09/2011

– THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, MANCHESTER – This is the first night of The Warehouse Project’s final series of events at Store Street. The car park under Piccadilly Station has been an ideal venue for some jaw dropping lineups over the last few years, the abandoned Boddington’s Factory was the first temporary home in 2006 and Manchester’s abundance of disused industrial buildings should leave plenty of options for WHP to continue... Read More

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