LIVE: ED HARCOURT – 29/06/2016

Ed Harcourt – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – The world certainly seems to be on fire, as Ed Harcourt warns a lurking crowd. He and his band – with silent John J Presley guest starring, are warmly welcomed. There’s a misty atmosphere surrounding this track, ‘The World Is On Fire’, from his brand new album Furnaces, produced by Flood and out on 19th August. Smartly dressed, Harcourt shows a gorgeous, perfectly warmed up voice... Read More


Weaves – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Weaves are  good, full of enthusiasm and an interesting set of songs get our taste buds going. Georgia, my companion for the evening, is particularly impressed and at the same time bemused by the quirky demeanor of frontwoman Jasmyn Burke. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, their self-titled EP is a solid little release, they write catchy tunes and perform them to a very high standard. ‘Coo-Coo’... Read More

LIVE: THIS IS THE KIT – 03/06/2016

This Is The Kit – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – What strikes me most about Kate Stables of This Is The Kit, is just how charismatic she is. Every person in The Deaf Institute here would love to be her friend. I want to be her friend. She effortlessly chats between songs. Tells jokes while tuning up. Bad ones, the ones that are bad but are still funny because they are bad, and that’s how she relates them. Whistles perfectly. Mockingly... Read More

LIVE: TOURIST – 10/05/2016

Tourist – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – The usually refined Deaf Institute with its animal print wallpaper and red cushioned seats has tonight been transformed into something much more in line with the euphoric electronics of Tourist. Huge lights stand tall and form an arch around Tourist’s impressive array of production equipment that consists of a drum pad, keyboard and a couple of mixing desks. This alone is enough to build... Read More

LIVE: LUH – 06/05/2016

LUH – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – It seems disingenuous to mention the former band of someone who has re-emerged anew but WU LYF were an act of such influence they simply cannot be ignored. Ellery Roberts, now part of the duo LUH (Lost Under Heaven) formed with his partner Ebony Hoorn, was once the frontman of this band who were initially masters of creating hype with little material; their satanic emblem and a picture of them on... Read More


On Saturday 8th October 2016 brand new Neighbourhood Festival will be taking over Manchester City Centre for a full day of incredible live music. Over 100 of the hottest bands and freshly tipped new artists from all around the world will be performing across nine of Manchester’s best and most iconic music venues for one day only.  This includes The Albert Hall, O2 Ritz, Sound Control, Dog Bowl, Deaf Institute, XOLO and Gorilla. At the helm of Neighbourhood... Read More

LIVE: U.S. GIRLS – 07/04/2016

U.S. Girls – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Half Free, Meghan Remy’s first album on 4AD, bubbled under the surface last year, never quite reaching the end-of-year lists but still capturing the attention of a new audience; including myself. This release might also go some way to explaining the packed house in the Deaf Institute, although throughout tonight’s set the fans show themselves to be as loyal to her older stuff as the cuts... Read More

LIVE: NAI HARVEST – 29/03/2016

Nai Harvest  – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – There’s a young crowd here bright and early for WEDDING, but their overly enthusiastic dancing seems chemical fuelled, almost sarcastic. It’s not a great start. The band are definitely fans of the Ronettes, but even if ‘Be My Baby’ is the best song ever written, it’s OK to write a different song. When the most interesting thing about your band is that you have... Read More


Frankie Cosmos is back with her most infectious album to date with Next Thing due out on April 1st on Bayonet Records. The album features the strongest songwriting we’ve seen yet from the project’s mastermind Greta Kline. Following an extensive US tour this spring, Frankie Cosmos and her band will be coming over to Europe for the first time in May, for a co-headline tour with Porches plus a performance at The Deaf Institute. Dates... Read More


Tatu Rönnkö, Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg – collectively known as Liima – have offered another taste from their forthcoming album ii, set for release on March 18th. ‘513’ can now be heard online via Soundcloud or belowMeaning ‘glue’ in Finnish, Liima’s debut release features songs written during four week-long artist residencies in Finland, Berlin, Istanbul and Madeira. Each place influenced... Read More

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