LIVE: SLOW CLUB – 12/07/2014

Slow Club – GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Slow Club are one of those bands that slowly (pardon the pun) but surely generate a loyal fan base throughout their music career. The multi-instrumentalist duo, Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor originate from Sheffield and have been around since 2006 with three albums under their belt. In fact, their latest offering, Complete Surrender is out today (14 July 2014). The venue for the night is Gorilla, a... Read More

LIVE: SLOW CLUB – 08/04/2012

 – THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – So it is Easter Sunday and I am waiting. Jesus did a lot of waiting, but on Easter Sunday he spectacularly came back to Earth and most people turned around and said, “Oh… well that was worth the wait.” So you see it is good to make people wait, it gets them excited. The Ruby Lounge is a great atmosphere to linger in, a basement club with low lighting and ruby walls; it is half cosy pub and half... Read More

LIVE : SLOW CLUB – 15/12/2011

– ST. PHILIP’S CHURCH, SALFORD – Lovely as this ecclesiastical venue is, my view is partially blocked by a sizeable eagle carving near the chancel, so what follows is filtered via a large, wooden bird of prey. I’m assuming it’s an eagle anyway – if you happen to know, don’t write in. Unperturbed by raptor-based view-obscurement, Slow Club take the stage wordlessly and begin playing. Charles’ beguiling guitar... Read More