Jesca Hoop’s startling originality has established her as one of Avantpop’s most arresting recent arrivals and brought admiration from and collaborations with the likes of Tom Waits, Guy Garvey and Peter Gabriel. Now, she is set to elevate her position to High Priestess of Punk by laying herself bare with her new release Undress Set for release in 2014, it is the Manchester-based Californian’s second release via Pledge Music, the direct to fan... Read More

LIVE: JESCA HOOP – 28/06/2012

– LEAF TEA SHOP, LIVERPOOL – As you arrive at the venue for this much anticipated show you can sense, even at the bar that something big is going to happen. There is an aura about Leaf this evening and that is clearly down to the queue building up well before doors. First to the stage is local musician Jay Lewis (ex La’s). For an opener, the crowd is particularly large and very attentive. From the first note of his bluesy, rock styles... Read More


Approaching the release of her eagerly anticipated album ‘The House That Jack Built’ (due out June 26th via Bella Union) Jesca Hoop releases the video for her first single from the album “Born To”. The video features two versions of Jesca and illustrates the “what if?” “Born To” asks a question we’ve all asked ourselves “how is it that I was born into the circumstances I was born into. How is it some of us are born into... Read More

LIVE: JESCA HOOP – 27/08/2011

– BAND ON THE WALL, MANCHESTER – If you are to be judged by the company you keep, then Jesca Hoop is in some pretty esteemed company. Beatnik Bard Tom Waits is already somewhat out there… so imagine what his nanny might look like.  Jesca Hoop was that gal, nanny to his three children and Waits encouraged her songwriting, barfing in his gravel-in-filled voice that “her music is like going swimming in a lake at night.”  Well... Read More

LIVE: JESCA HOOP – 26/03/2011

– THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Looking like she has just arrived at Trof this evening by Gothic Express, Jesca Hoop cuts a rather striking mystical figure on stage bare footed and clad in a flowing black dress. This North Californian songstress now decamped to Manchester for the past two years after persuasion from our own Guy Harvey has an impressive admirers list including none other than Tom Waits (for whom she used to nanny). Tonight... Read More


– LOWTHER DEER PARK, PENRITH – Well it’s the second day and as is to be expected I’ve had very little sleep, even though I thought that last beer before bed might help. Anyway the weather isn’t too bad and after a bite to eat and probably the worst brew I’ve ever tasted, I’m ready to rock n roll again. Over at the Calling Out stage Stormy Corner swagger onto the stage. This six piece band from Skelmersdale certainly have plenty... Read More


– VARIOUS VENUES, CHAPEL STREET, SALFORD – I’ve queued up and got my wristband so I’m off to my first port of call for this mammoth day of live music. It’s now around four o’clock and I’m sat upstairs in The Old Pint Pot. It’s pretty quiet with just a handful of people hanging around, but just twenty minutes later when Dutch Uncles take to the stage the place is full. I’ve heard them a few times on the wireless and really... Read More


If songwriters first have to experience life before they are qualified to write about it then Jesca Hoop has already earned her credentials. Born and raised in Sonoma County – a rural area of California, 30 miles north of San Francisco – the young folk songstress is now an honorary Mancunian. The fact that she made the leap from the west coast of the US to the north west of England in the name of love guarantees Jesca plenty of song-writing... Read More


Plucked from obscurity over in the US by Elbow, a band recently and famously plucked from the gallows by last gasp blaster The Seldom Seen Kid, Jesca Hoop has come to our shores backed by Britain’s newest favourite band.But it seems to me that she’s been plucked from somewhere far less familiar than the US. Her Elfin eccentricities speak more of the sinister and strange actions of fairies at the bottom of your garden, or the elves of Middle... Read More