Aftershock celebrates its 10th anniversary with a stellar line-up of Nitin Sawhney, Kirk McElhinney, Sam Carter, Denis Jones, Aruba Red, Mieko, Arun Ghosh, Mathew Halsall and Clive Hunte. There is no other project like Aftershock in the world. Over the last 10 years Artistic Director Nitin Sawhney has worked with some of the best new musical talent from around the globe to create unique one off showcase events in London, Manchester, Bristol, Melbourne,... Read More

ALBUM: Denis Jones – Red + Yellow =

I’ve seen Denis Jones live thrice – once was with a full band, and it was the least effective of the three. The other shows gained a lot from the fact that Denis does everything himself (mostly with a loop pedal) – and it’s genuinely fascinating to watch him do it. I’m worried that this album won’t quite capture the uniqueness of the one-man show.The first song is one that I have seen live, and it’s an interesting tune called ‘Clap... Read More

LIVE: DENIS JONES – 16/01/2010

– Band On The Wall, Manchester – Walking around Band On The Wall, it’s not difficult to see where the multi-million pound investment money has gone. Visitors are treated to plush white carpets and decorative plasterwork that make the entire venue feel like a VIP section. If you squint, the sound desk (in front of the bar) looks like a night time aerial view of Manhattan. The support DJ pumps out some heavy reggae that tests the bass... Read More