Energetic, floor-filler, upbeat and catchy are just some of the words appropriate for The Island Club’s latest offering. ‘Let Go’ has already been released across various platforms. Although many sounds can be heard in the single, the band centres in the synth pop/indie world although some rock influence is prevalent in their music. The track […]

Single Review: Cape Cub – Keep Me In Mind

The north-east of England is quickly becoming recognised as a hotbed of musical talent, with quality artists and bands sprouting up across the region. Amongst the up-and-comers is the indie/pop/alternative four-piece Cape Cub. The group is attracting ever-increasing attention from radio and recently joined the line up of bands, including the likes of Little Comets, […]

Single Review: Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin

Misissippi psych stomper ‘Pretty Pimpin’ is the lead track from the b’lieve I’m going down… album, Vile’s hotly anticipated fifth. It catches him in fine form but also in contemplative mood, and in the midst of an identity crisis. The whole ensemble reads like the rueful dregs of a drunken weekend, swilling at the bottom of […]

Single Review: Pacific – Those Nights (Official Video)

Pacific, an unsigned Cheshire band, have recently released the video to their hotly anticipated single, ‘Those Nights’. The video, directed and filmed by LAB Exposure, would not look out of place if an established indie band had used it, the visuals successfully conveying Anthony’s (singer-songwriter) struggle to acknowledge what is going on around him as […]

Single Review: The Lilac Time – No Sad Songs

An early member of Duran Duran, Stephen Duffy followed brief pop stardom in the mid-1980s with a sequence of pretty yet unheralded records. The 2009 rockumentary Memory & Desire suggested that Duffy was troubled by disappointment and dejection, so his return now is something of a relief. Re-adopting the Lilac Time name under which he […]

Single Review: Little Dragon – Underbart

‘Underbart’, in Swedish, means something akin to enchanting, wondrous. It’s a word which would aptly describe any number of Little Dragon’s releases to date – their latest release (‘Underbart’ for those who hadn’t guessed) perhaps not. It’s slinking, sensual, and bass heavy, indicative of a slight shift in direction on latest album Nabuma Rubberband. Compared […]

Single Review: Department M – Miscellany

Department M shoot a large portion of intriguing sounds straight to your ears as soon as ‘Miscellany’ graces your speakers. The industrial electro-synth tones partnered with a cleverly syncopated hard-hitting drum beat combine to create a sound that leaves you wanting more. The instruments initially jar, but as the track progresses it all makes sense. […]

Single Review: The Black Waterside – Cold Night, Dark Ground

Best-suited to the underground dive bars of New York or overground blues/rockabilly Nashville backdrops, this gritty Kent-based revival of rock ‘n’ roll is an interesting one. The Black Waterside is a five-piece band hailing, surprisingly, from the ‘Garden of England’, yet their sound is something unexpected. The band are tight, the instrumentation and the vibe […]


The duo that smashed their way into the ears of the nation but a few months ago have brought out yet another ‘banger’. The follow up to their last single ‘You & Me’, which included the sultry tones of Eliza Doolittle, on the garage throwback track F For You (F actually stands for Fool) is […]

Single Review: John Wizards – Lusaka By Night

Having recently surfaced on the scene from out of nowhere, John Wizards – aka South African production duo John Withers and Emmanuel Nzaramba – have wangled themselves a debut release on legendary electronica label, Planet Mu. Here, in the space of just two tracks, the pair manage to pogo through a myriad of influences and […]