LIVE: DEMOB HAPPY – 30/03/2015

Demob Happy Photo: Peter

- THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – It’s a stormy Monday night, but shelter and warmth from the high winds and incessant rain has kindly been provided tonight by Manchester’s renowned basement rock venue. Intrepid, die hard music fans huddle around the stage, eager to hear the next big thing, while trying to shake off their weekend hangovers. […]

Album Review: The Lilac Time – No Sad Songs


With only a couple of brushes with the charts over the course of a 35-year career, Stephen Duffy is no stranger to commercial failure. Yet so disheartened was he with the non-impact of his last album, 2007’s Runout Groove, and the state of the music industry that he decided not to release any more records. […]

LIVE: BAD GRAMMAR – 27/03/2015

Bad Grammar

- THE CASTLE HOTEL, MANCHESTER – When I arrive at The Castle Hotel, unfortunately it’s too late for the first band Elephantine, but I am on time for support act Violet Violet. The Norwich duo, Felicity/Fliss Kitson on drums and Cheri Percy on guitar, have been playing together since they met at sixth form but decided […]


The Lovely Eggs Photo by Darren Andrews

- SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – The gig space in the Soup Kitchen looks like a catacomb and it fits the night perfectly, given that the devotion shown by fans of The Lovely Eggs shares some traits with a religious cult, and this is now the cult of the Magic Onion, as explained later. The amplification […]

LIVE: DUTCH UNCLES – 27/03/2015

Dutch Uncles

- THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – “Hello Ritz, we’ve gone too fast and need a breather” beams Duncan Wallis, frontman of Stockport’s finest Dutch Uncles. He’s not the only one. Just three songs into their biggest headline show to date and the energy in the room is electric. While a moment of respite gives an adoring […]

LIVE: WOLF ALICE – 26/03/2015

Wolf Alice

- THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – Hype Machine named them the UK’s most blogged about artist of 2013 and then in 2014 they were named Breakthrough Act Of The Year at the UK festival awards. So it’s fair to say a lot has already been written about tonight’s headliners Wolf Alice, and their growing stature has […]

LIVE: SOKO – 25/03/2015


- THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – French actress, musician, singer and songwriter, Stéphanie Sokolinski, known as SoKo, is finishing up her 14-date European tour in support of brand-new album My Dreams Dictate My Reality, her second LP, with a couple of UK dates. Tonight is the turn of The Ruby Lounge to host her show, […]



- THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – “Pins hail from your fair city, and they’re awesome!” When the likes of Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker offers up such props to their support band, it’s worth paying attention.  The US alt-rock legends have a reputation as first class BS detectors, and Manchester’s Pins are – in every way – […]


Wilko Johnson

- THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – “Man, there’s nothing like being told you’re dying to make you feel alive”. Wilko Johnson did mean those words in a recent interview, and we have some irrefutable evidence of this tonight. The gig of his Still Kickin’ tour is short but pretty intense (it barely takes an hour and […]

LIVE: THE SUBWAYS – 24/03/2015

The Subways

- ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – The house lights come down and 3 revolving police lights come on, two blue and one red. The room fills with dramatic introduction music and voices greet us in many different languages. It’s not long before The Subways walk out into the flashing light. They receive an enthusiastic welcome and […]