The Silver Lake Chorus do not just have any Glee factor, they are THE Glee factor. Their debut provides an original, fresh, choral perspective of songs provided and written for them by a number of well-known songwriters, including Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, and Postal Service, Wayne Coyne […]

LIVE: DOOMSQUAD – 25/05/2016

– NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – Before I talk of my disappointment with Doomsquad, hailing from Canada, I firstly want to give a quick mention about support act The Six. If these were supporting anyone else, I’d probably hit the bar and wait for them to fuck off stage before shuffling back into the […]

LIVE: JAGWAR MA – 26/05/2016

– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Aussie psych-poppers-cum-Maaadchester students Jagwar Ma return to Manchester to a rapturous crowd, a sold-out crowd in fact. The parallels that are made between them and The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays etc…  are always talked about – songs like ‘Exercise’ with its bassy groove could easily be put on The Second Coming. […]


Gold Panda’s latest album takes it’s name from the parting words of a Japanese taxi driver, while visiting Hiroshima. This collection of tunes, made in Chelmsford, comprises samples and memories of his trip, along with accompanying photo’s from his travel companion, Laura Lewis. It’s been 6 years since his impressive debut ‘Lucky Shiner’, and his progression as […]

LIVE: CATE LE BON – 23/05/2016

– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Gorilla is one of those venues that feels ready made for a mosh pit, for a crowd of sweaty rock fans pogo-ing into one another. It’s a great little venue that provides intimacy for the audience, artists and bands. Tonight though, it’s unlikely that there’ll be any moshing as the venue […]

LIVE: BLACK LIPS – 20/05/2016

– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Rowdy Black Lips enter the stage among chilly gusts and misty fog, perfect set for their opening track ‘Sea Of Blasphemy’. “Sea of vandal/Lost my candle…”. Pure classic garage, with broken bones, glass effects and everything. This gig at Manchester’s Gorilla is their only show in the North of the UK, […]


Kaytranada is a Canadian beatmaker, producer and DJ. Some people know him only as a producer, but to me he is first and foremost a beatmaker. He started really young, in his teens when his brother introduced him to FL Studio. He has a long list of mixtapes and EPs released but 99.9% are in […]

LIVE: PETE DOHERTY – 17/05/2016

– THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – The intricate carvings and delicate stained glass windows running along the balcony of the Albert Hall create a surprisingly peaceful atmosphere for a gig that is sure to be nothing of the sort. The crowd fills the old church building to breaking point and I decide that taking a […]

LIVE: LAURA MVULA – 18/05/2016

– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – A golden rule that I have picked up about writing is: show, don’t tell. As in, if a character is rude don’t say ‘He’s rude,’ have him do something rude. This rule, ‘show, don’t tell’ can be applied to other art forms, namely music and one which Laura Mvula might want […]


– SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Flamingods are first and foremost an intriguing band. With their roots in music from around the world and their passion for unusual instruments they find on their travels, they are the sort of band you go to see in order to experience something a little different. Upon arriving at Soup Kitchen […]